I Live in Eden on the far south coast of NSW and have a strong connection with the ocean and its marine life. My father was a fisherman, and I later worked on the Whale watching boat in Eden and now explore and paint coastlines and waterways.

Changing oceans and skies inspire me, and Im also intrigued by the ancient organisms floating on ocean currents. The contrasts between immense skies and small jellyfish become subjects for paintings. Through my paintings I try and navigate between these worlds leaving a little of my interpretation on canvas for others to discover.

Im fascinated by the oceans expanse and power. A theme that sometimes recurs in my work is the story about my father and the capsizing of his boat the Imlay which left he and two crewmembers drifting for six days in Bass Strait in an inflatable life raft, before being spotted by an RAAF plane and later rescued by a passing shipso much ocean and a lot of luck.

Absorbing the atmosphere of a place and changing weather becomes a starting point for my painting. My use of colour responds to where I might be, whether it is the changing blues and greens of oceans or darker greens and ochres of hidden water holes in the bush. I try to convey my experience of the environment into my work; both the energy and silence felt in nature.